The recruitment process

What are the recruitment criteria at Michelin?

We're looking for personalities, potentials and skills that will add to the diversity of our teams. We hire people for what they are, rather than for a specific position.
Our recruitment criteria include:

  • your personality
  • your skills
  • your experience
  • your ability to develop within the Group
What are the steps in the selection process?

Your recruitment at Michelin is in 3 steps:

  • your online application
  • the interviews
  • the recruitment day

Find a detailed description of the steps in the selection process on the pages How to apply for a job at Michelin and How to apply as a student .

Do you routinely conduct personality tests?

No. The only tests we do are to test your job skills.

What happens on the first few days after joining Michelin?

Whether you are an intern, on a co-op program or an employee, you will do a personalized induction program when you arrive at Michelin.
To find out more about your induction, visit the pages Joining Michelin and Joining Michelin for your studies .